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I offer expert Java and Spring software development services through my independent consulting business, Wheeler Software, LLC.

Please contact me at myfirstname.mylastname@gmail.com to discuss potential engagements.

Areas of expertise

Java/Spring development:

  • 16 years of experience with Java, nine years with Spring.
  • Lead author of Spring in Practice by Manning Publications.
  • Expert web developer with strong devops and user experience background.

Continuous delivery and devops:

  • Current: Principal Applications Engineer, working in devops on continuous delivery, operations automation and configuration management.
  • Past: Principal Solutions Architect for a large automation platform, responsible for automating hundreds of applications across thousands of servers in internal data center and cloud environments. 40,000 automated deployments (both half- and full-stack) into dev, test and production as of October 2012. Scope included continuous integration, SCM, CMDB, automation (build/test/deployment/operations), deployment pipeline, integration (process/tools/data).

For more information on my background and experience, see my LinkedIn profile.

Selected publications