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Injecting a File From the Classpath Into a Bean

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Here’s a quick tip for you.

Sometimes you need to inject a java.io.File from your classpath into a bean, but you don’t want to have to spell out the absolute path (even in a configuration file). Never fear. It’s easy:

<bean id="tagProviderResource" class="org.springframework.core.io.ClassPathResource">
    <constructor-arg value="/htmlcleaner.xml" />

<util:property-path id="tagProviderFile" path="tagProviderResource.file" />

<bean id="tagProvider" class="org.htmlcleaner.ConfigFileTagProvider">
    <constructor-arg ref="tagProviderFile" />

In the configuration above, I used ClassPathResource to find the htmlcleaner.xml resource on the classpath. Then I used the handy <util:property-path> tag to assign the resource’s file property its own ID. Finally, I inject the File using constructor injection.